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Enterprise ABM: Simplify Complexity & Optimize Performance

If you’re a marketer in an enterprise organization, much of today’s ABM best practice is at odds with the needs and sophistication of your operating environment. Reflective of the simpler needs of smaller organizations, most of this advice would drive up costs, increase complexity and result in near unmeasurable programs for you.

Why’s that?

Join Demand Gen Report’s Editorial Director, Andrew Gaffney, and MRP’s CEO, Kevin Cunningham, as they explore how and why the needs of an enterprise-class marketer are unique relative to small and mid-tier organizations. Plus, learn how to grab simplicity from the jaws of complexity and get the keys to ABM success in these sophisticated organizations.

Bring a pen and paper, you’ll want to take notes on these ideas:

  • What makes ABM strategy uniquely different in the enterprise;
  • Why current ABM “best practice” is disconnected from the needs of these organizations; and
  • How to move forward: A six-stage enterprise-grade framework to provide actionable next steps to your ABM strategy, select vendors, and execute a high-impact ABM program.

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