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B2B Uncovered:
A Dual Perspective on Buyer Experience and Engagement

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Cracking the code of the B2B buyer experience is no small feat, but it’s a game-changer in today’s business landscape. To help practitioners start the journey toward unparalleled customer understanding, Matt Tippets, Drift’s SVP of Product, will team up with Kerry Cunningham, Thought Leader and Analyst at 6sense, to journey through B2B buyers’ minds from the first spark of interest to the final nod of agreement.

Throughout this webinar, the pair will leverage hard-hitting data from the Drift Conversation Trends Report and the 6sense Buyer Experience Report to unearth:

  • The common threads that weave the complex B2B buying experience together;
  • How to merge theory with practice; and 
  • Practical nuggets that can revolutionize the B2B buyer experience.

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