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Simplifying the ChanTech Stack for Faster ROI & Partner Engagement


In an age of channel evolution, today’s suppliers and their channel partners are struggling to drive digital transformation all while relying on an overly complex ChanTech stack, typically comprised of multiple point solutions that distract both suppliers and their partners from the real goal: driving channel performance! Discover how Enterprise Channel Management is critical to helping channel suppliers streamline their channel business, connect partners to buyers and improve partner engagement and performance.

  • Exactly how are channel leaders using Enterprise Channel Management to drive business and digital transformation?
  • How are leaders changing partner behaviors and supporting business transformation to improve revenue?
  • How did the ChanTech stack become so complex?
  • Why do channel leaders need to look beyond traditional point solutions (PRM, CMM, CRM, SFA, LMS, etc.) and take a broader approach to channel management and optimization?
  • What best practices are channel leaders following to help partners along their path to success?

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