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CTV As Performance Marketing: A Tale Of Two B2B Case Studies

While you’ve probably been hearing that Connected TV (CTV) is a great channel for B2B brands, it may be hard to believe that the TV screen is driving significant conversions. But we have proof — B2B businesses are opting to reach their audiences with CTV advertising, and they are seeing the results. From elevating their video creativity to deep diving into the data, CTV is driving measurable performance… and we’re divulging the details.

Join MNTN’s VP of Marketing Ali Haeri and Hooman Javidan-Nejad, Director of Performance Marketing, as they discuss two case studies of actual B2B MNTN clients. Join them as they dissect:

  • The success story of Bolt, which leveraged MNTN’s platform and Creative-as-a-Subscription to drive performance outcomes with the power of compelling messaging;
  • How Built In leveraged audience targeting and optimizations available through CTV to help beat their target KPIs; and
  • How you can apply these learnings to your own strategies and efforts.

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