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From Lackluster To Blockbuster: How CTV Gives B2B Brands A Better Video Ad Platform

B2B marketers have long relied on social media as their video ad destination, but these days, social platforms are losing their luster. From evolving algorithms and changing ownership to reduced performance and measurement, social has become a challenging space. However, advertisers can’t just abandon their video ad strategy — it’s become an expected medium and has proven to be an effective touchpoint. Thankfully, Connected TV (CTV) offers a new distribution solution that allows B2B brands to launch their video ads on the big screen.

Join Ali Haeri, VP of Marketing at MNTN, as he outlines how marketers can make the most of their video ads by serving them through CTV. He’ll discuss:

  • Why CTV has become an essential performance channel for B2B brands; and
  • Options for marketers and advertisers who need to develop an effective video creative pipeline, so they can take full advantage of what video and CTV advertising have to offer.

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