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How To Win Over The Modern Buyer

The modern buyer lives in a noisy world. Every day, in different ways and through different channels, they’re getting offered something they probably didn’t ask for. It’s a lot of noise, and buyers have been very clear with us marketers that they are tired of it.

Most buyers today are focused on solving a problem they have. They crave a buyer’s journey that is just as focused as they are, and reject any experience that isn’t relevant to them, or what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s clear, then, that for companies to stand out, they need to follow some key guidelines that will help them meet the expectations of the modern buyer and win business. During this session, you will learn:

  • About all the stages of the modern buyer’s journey: From independent research to purchase;
  • How to align your sales and marketing teams to tackle common goals; and
  • Strategies to build stronger relationships with the modern buyer.

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