Demand Gen Report

Jumpstarting Revenue Strategies in 2020

This strategically timed webcast will be positioned as a prescriptive session providing best practices and use cases B2B brands can borrow and apply as they look to advance both their account-based strategies and their broader acquisition campaigns.

Delivered in a panel format, the webcast will present real-world examples addressing the challenges B2B brands must overcome to meet and exceed pipeline goals in 2020. Specific topics that will be addressed by panelists will include:

  • How brands are bringing sales and marketing leaders together with aligned go-to-market strategies, goals and common metrics again measurable goals;
  • The new approaches progressive brands are taking to manage and augment their data to ensure they have adequate coverage of influencers and decision-makers across the buying committee, as well as managing lead-to-account data;
  • The latest tools and tactics brands are applying to ensure their advertising is reaching and influencing the right account and buyers;
  • How new data and insights are being applied at key engagement stages to provide timely and relevant offers to the right stakeholders at the right accounts, and
  • The new models for attribution and measurement that are being applied to ensure buy-in and successful collaboration across revenue teams.

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