Demand Gen Report

Insights From New TOPO ABM Research

Do you have ABM FOMO? Are you falling behind your competitors? Or are you ahead of the curve but not getting enough credit? Find out where you stand as we kick off 2021.

Join RollWorks, TOPO (now Gartner) and Demand Gen Report for this exclusive webinar on-demand, during which experts share insights from brand new 2020 Account-Based research. Gartner Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg, walk you through new findings on all things ABM, including:

  • Key metrics to focus on;
    Top tactics and resources to fuel your strategies;
  • And real-world case studies and expert insights to fuel your ABM campaigns in 2021.
  • As you kick off the new (thank goodness!) year, join us to see where you stack up!

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