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Reaching B2B Audiences In The World Of Hybrid Work

As a B2B marketer, are you still envisioning your target audience donning a suit and sitting behind a desk all day? In reality, the B2B audience is just like anyone else. They most likely have some kind of hybrid work environment, and they consume media at the same rate as the general public, streaming their favorite TV shows or spending hours scrolling TikTok (obviously never on company time).

Join Jon Zucker, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, as he walks through a week in the life of a B2B prospect. He’ll share:

  • How Connected TV can be an effective tool to reach and measure this key audience;
  • How to leverage social platforms that conventional B2B campaigns may overlook; and
  • How to not only develop video creative that isn’t boring, but create enough of it to fuel regular refreshes.

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