The One Metric That Identifies Qualified Buyers (Hint: It’s Not Clicks or Form Fills)



No one likes to admit that they’ve been doing something wrong, but do you ever feel like the metrics you have relied on since the dawn of marketing automation and “digital body language” just don’t work as well as you thought?

When it comes to identifying your most engaged and sales-ready prospects, there’s only one metric that matters: consumption. Did they consume your marketing…or did they simply click on it? To your marketing automation platform, all of those clicks and downloads look the same, making it impossible to zero in on true buyer intent.

Being able to identify real content consumption so you can act on your most qualified buyers (and keep nurturing the ones that aren’t) dramatically transforms your funnel. The new truth in B2B marketing is that only buyers who have consumed your marketing are truly qualified. Learn why they convert faster, at a higher rate, and at a higher value than the leads you pass today.


Elle Woulfe

Vice President of Marketing

Klaudia Tirico

Features Editor
Demand Gen Report

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