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Engaging The Demand Unit: How To Personalize And Accelerate The Customer Journey Through Targeted 1:1 Experiences



John Dering



Andrew Gaffney

Demand Gen Report


While focus has moved towards demand units and buying groups, there is still a necessity to have 1:1 engagement and relationships with potential customers. Findings from last year’s B2B Buyers Survey shows that more than half (52%) of businesses saw an increase in the number of team members involved in the purchase process, and preliminary results from this year’s survey show that will continue to grow.

To do this, marketing teams are relying more on targeted account-based advertising strategies and offering personalized website experiences that automatically tailor the customer experience down to the individual level. Preliminary data shows that it has become very important to have a website that speaks directly to needs of the buyer’s industry and highlights expertise in the industry.

During this webinar, experts from Demandbase will share deeper insights into this year’s research and discuss how these insights on B2B buyer behavior are impacting go-to-market initiatives. Other topics will include:
  • The continued growth of B2B buying teams and demand units;
  • Where buyers’ time and effort are spent in the B2B buying timeline;
  • How tactics such as account-based advertising and AI-driven website personalization are producing positive results in 1:1 stakeholder engagement;
  • How these same tactics impact engagement with anonymous buyers; and
  • In-depth use case examples of how progressive B2B companies are targeting key individuals within buying teams via advertising and personalized website experiences.

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