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How to Pair ABM and Intent Data to Drive Pipeline Growth



Andre Yee



Brian Anderson

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As a B2B marketer, you’re looking to move the needle on pipeline and revenue. You want to craft compelling campaigns, but how do you reach target accounts at the right time with the right messaging?

Pair ABM and intent data to influence buyers early and address pain points throughout the purchase journey. Given more visibility into real-time buyer interests and behaviors, both marketing and sales teams are more equipped to engage key stakeholders and win over target accounts.

Join our webinar to hear Triblio’s CEO explain:

  • What is intent data?
  • Why is intent relevant to your ABM program?
  • How do you successfully execute intent-based ABM plays?

Learn key stats behind the modern purchase journey, and discover how to leverage both ABM and intent data to grow pipeline and make a real impact on revenue.

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