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Leveraging Survey-Based Insights To Identify Key Buyer Triggers In Your Contact Database



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With the rapid growth of sales automation technology hitting the market, response rates to sales and marketing efforts are plummeting in direct proportion to the amount of automated prospecting messages flooding the inboxes and voicemails of your clients. Automation is no longer a competitive advantage for SDRs. It is the new normal and the need for personalized messages is increasing rapidly.

During this webcast, Chris Rack, Chief Revenue Officer at PureB2B, will uncover the latest trends around personalization from sales’ perspective. Key topics will include: 

  • A view into your prospects’ inboxes: the average B2B decision maker receives 100+ email prospecting (in some markets 200+). But less than 25% of prospecting emails are opened; 
  • How SDR teams can stand out by balancing personalization and scale: increased account research to only be working the opportunities that best align with your products;
  • Personalization beyond “{First Name}, {Account};” and
  • How progressive B2B orgs are uncovering key buying triggers to allow SDRs to prioritize accounts and customize prospecting.

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