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FireEye faced the dawn of a new era. A company-wide mindset shift drove the marketing team to go from a lead gen focus to a more customer-centric one. With a new focus came a new strategy aimed at driving engagement by removing friction throughout the buyer’s journey.

To support this strategy, the FireEye team developed a tech stack centered around buyer enablement, including PathFactory, that removes barriers throughout the buyer’s journey and drives awareness by making it easier for buyers to self-educate. 

Join this session to learn:

  • How FireEye gives prospects the freedom to self-nurture at their own pace to drive better quality demand. 
  • The data set they use to improve the buyer’s journey and make more strategic marketing decisions.
  • Why un-gating (almost) everything is the new black and helped them increase engagement by more than 200% in 2 weeks with an important campaign.

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