The 5 Realities Of Influencer Marketing

Friday, April 21, 2017 @ 12 PM ET



Dana Harder


Alicia Esposito

Alicia Esposito


Klaudia Tirico

Klaudia Tirico

Demand Gen Report

After years of making headway in the B2C world, influencer marketing has officially “arrived” in B2B. Although influencer marketing has been practiced in marketing for years, it has only recently become top-of-mind for B2B marketers as they strive to accelerate word-of-mouth and maximize the reach of their content.

Successful influencer marketing takes strategy, careful planning and some good, old relationship building. During this webinar, Content4Demand VP of Strategy, Dana Harder, and Content Strategist, Alicia Esposito, will weigh in on some of the most common structures, and critical realities, of successful influencer marketing. Webinar attendees will learn:

  • The definition of successful influencer marketing
  • 3 influencer campaign models and approaches
  • The realities and best practices of successful influencer marketing strategies

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