What’s Not Working In B2B Marketing: 5 Things To Learn From The Fyre Festival Fail



Andrew Gaffney

Demand Gen Report


Klaudia Tirico

Demand Gen Report


Alicia Esposito



Brian Anderson

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Elise Schoening

Demand Gen Report


Monday, April 22nd • 11 AM ET

Music festivals are all about the experience. Only the best ones create moments and memories that impact not just attendees, but society at large. From Woodstock to Coachella and even the Vans Warped Tour, these festivals have transcended the category, becoming engrained in our culture forever.

While B2B organizations can certainly learn plenty from these larger-than-life events, they can learn more from the festivals that have failed. Well, more like crashed and burned. The most recent one: Fyre Festival.

During the webcast, editors from Demand Gen Report will share what exactly can be learned from the many failings of the Fyre Festival, including:

  • The power and pitfalls of using influencers for go-to-market initiatives;
  • Creative approaches to using social media to generate awareness and buzz; 
  • The importance of process and preparation to drive campaign success;
  • Ways to utilizing employees as advocates, not just order takers; and
  • The new Golden Rule of marketing: don’t overpromise.

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