Why You Must Invest More in Customer Storytelling, Stat



Leela Srinivasan



Cynthia Hester

New Relic, Inc.


Klaudia Tirico

Demand Gen Report


Thursday, April 25th • 12 PM ET

Customer stories are powerful sales assets and much-needed fuel for marketing campaigns. But how do you successfully recruit top customers to participate and share their stories? In this session with New Relic, we’ll reveal how to build positive customer relationships by leveraging cross-functional partnerships and leaning on good old-fashioned etiquette, as well as discuss how you can leverage customer stories across the business to maximize impact and achieve your key objectives. 

Join us to learn best practices for making your customer advocates feel acknowledged and empowered, energizing your team around their vested interest in customers’ success and creating a mutually-beneficial experience.

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