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Thinking Outside The Box:
Why Direct Mail Works In The Digital Age

As marketers, we know that audiences are suffering from digital burnout — the fatigue and stress caused by prolonged use of technology. We’re struggling, too, constantly working to up-level digital messages that end up being ignored. No matter how relevant or compelling the message is, prospects won’t respond because they are getting 200 cold calls and 500 cold emails per week!

But did you know that 83% of consumers feel positively about receiving packages? It comes as no surprise then that the response rate for direct mail is more than 30X that of email. But how can this play into a broader ABM strategy? Today’s demand marketers know that simply creating a single experience is not enough; we need to continue to add to the experience via targeted ads, custom landing pages, email outreach, and tangible engagements.

Join us for this webinar to hear use cases spotlighting various B2B organizations and how they are winning with outside-the-box multichannel campaigns.  You will learn:

  • How to create campaigns that are multichannel and cross-functional;
  • What actually needs to happen for marketing and sales to align; and
  • How to work with your team to come up with outside-the-box campaigns.

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