3 Tips To Generating Seamless Customer Experiences Through Conversations

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

During this session, Sara and Mark from Drift will share how their customers are prioritizing conversations on their websites to ensure their top prospects have a seamless buying experience. They will share tips and best practices detailing how a conversational marketing mindset can better position B2B companies in the New Year to surprise and delight […]

3 Steps To Improve Marketing Impact

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Think you are doing a good job at marketing but can’t prove your true impact? Join the club; it’s a challenge many marketers face!  Join this session, featuring LeanData’s VP of Growth Marketing Charm Bianchini, to learn three steps to creating a solid marketing foundation so you can prove your program’s and team’s worth. Attend […]

Reach More Audiences With Data-Driven Videos In 2020

During this session, experts from Brightcove will uncover the latest best practices in leveraging data to develop video campaigns that connect with hard-to-reach audiences. They will highlight the importance of knowing exactly how your videos are performing, so you can use the data to set a benchmark and achieve your goals. Key takeaways will include: […]