How To Integrate Personal Touches At Every Step Of The Buyer’s Journey

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Video has grown into a preferred content format within the B2B marketplace. Research from Demand Gen Report shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of buyers are willing to spend five minutes or more consuming video content, while also stating they find video content valuable in the early (51%) and mid-stages (45%) of their buying journey. […]

Reach More Audiences With Data-Driven Videos In 2020

During this session, experts from Brightcove will uncover the latest best practices in leveraging data to develop video campaigns that connect with hard-to-reach audiences. They will highlight the importance of knowing exactly how your videos are performing, so you can use the data to set a benchmark and achieve your goals. Key takeaways will include: […]

Event Marketing Tips & Tricks On Extending Your Martech Stack To The Event Show Floor

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Many companies have mastered deploying technology to track and measure web-based customer and prospect activity well. But when it comes to physical events, a large percentage of face-to-face activity is tracked by the event team and the event team only. It’s hard to get all-encompassing data into their marketing stack. There are steps that you […]