3 Tips To Generating Seamless Customer Experiences Through Conversations

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

During this session, Sara and Mark from Drift will share how their customers are prioritizing conversations on their websites to ensure their top prospects have a seamless buying experience. They will share tips and best practices detailing how a conversational marketing mindset can better position B2B companies in the New Year to surprise and delight […]

3 Steps To Improve Marketing Impact

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Think you are doing a good job at marketing but can’t prove your true impact? Join the club; it’s a challenge many marketers face!  Join this session, featuring LeanData’s VP of Growth Marketing Charm Bianchini, to learn three steps to creating a solid marketing foundation so you can prove your program’s and team’s worth. Attend […]

Reach More Audiences With Data-Driven Videos In 2020

During this session, experts from Brightcove will uncover the latest best practices in leveraging data to develop video campaigns that connect with hard-to-reach audiences. They will highlight the importance of knowing exactly how your videos are performing, so you can use the data to set a benchmark and achieve your goals. Key takeaways will include: […]

Event Marketing Tips & Tricks On Extending Your Martech Stack To The Event Show Floor

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Many companies have mastered deploying technology to track and measure web-based customer and prospect activity well. But when it comes to physical events, a large percentage of face-to-face activity is tracked by the event team and the event team only. It’s hard to get all-encompassing data into their marketing stack. There are steps that you […]

CMO Priorities: How To Drive Better Results In 2020

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

B2B marketing is constantly evolving. With the rapid development of new technologies and marketing trends like ABM, AI and video on the rise, planning your marketing priorities for 2020 and deciding where to invest your time and budget can be difficult. Join marketing veteran and CEO of Brainrider, Scott Armstrong, as he delves into the […]