How To Leverage Your Partner Network To Create A Show-Stopping Virtual Event


Nothing great gets accomplished alone. To create a show-stopping virtual event today, you need a strong partner network and a killer execution strategy. During this session, Mark Kilens, Drift’s VP of Content & Community, and Janna Erickson, Drift’s Director of Events, will share tips and tricks for your next partner event, including: Channel collaboration tactics […]

Optimizing Partner Engagement — Why It Is More Critical Than Ever


The market disruption that is impacting nearly every aspect of the global economy is prompting channel-reliant technology brands to re-assess their partner engagement strategy and focus on accelerating digital transformation.   Not only is this critical to supporting channel partners who are experiencing economic disruption in diverse ways. The lack of face-to-face engagement between vendors […]

How To Use Orchestration & Intent To Prioritize Accounts, Channels & Campaigns

The predictive orchestration movement started simple and has evolved into AI-driven, multi-stage campaigns that include personalization, display ads, intent data and more. However, it’s not easy to keep all these channels organized and working together as one powerfulcampaign. Andrew Mahr, Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer, has seen and helped lead the evolution of ABM orchestration over […]

Connect, Target and Activate The Buyer Experience… In <60 Days

The ask is ambitious, and the stakes are high. Your revenue teams are being tasked with providing a frictionless, personalized end-to-end buyer experience. But the mission won’t be accomplished without considering one simple fact: Your data will make or break your success. At Dun & Bradstreet data, analytics and the insights drawn from them is […]

4 Ways To Unpack The Power Of Personalization At Scale With 1:1, 1:Few & 1:Many

The days of ABM conjuring up the image of heavily manual, resource-intensive marketing and sales outreach to a limited set of accounts to create that ultra-personal touch is about as outdated as a flip phone. In fact, it takes far less effort to create far more personal touches for a whole range of accounts. But […]

Predictive Orchestration: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

The Predictive Orchestration movement started simple and has evolved into AI-driven, multi-stage campaigns, including personalization, display ads, intent data and more. Andrew Mahr, Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer, has seen this evolution of ABM Orchestration firsthand over the years and how it is now leading to innovations moving forward. Starting ABM Orchestration can be daunting with […]

How CDW, BrightTALK & VMWare Use Innovative Tactics To Turn Data Into Millions Of Dollars

We can now confidently know: Total Addressable Market (TAM), Ideal Customer Profile (ISP), Email and phone number for my ICP, and Intent/engagement level and topics of interests. CDW, BrightTALK and VMWare have figured out that this next-level knowledge requires next level strategies for driving pipeline. Join us during this webcast to see how these best-in-class […]