Through-Channel Demand Gen Done Right … Finally


No matter how many resources, platforms and dollars you throw at through-channel demand generation, it seems your partners just aren’t listening. Now more than ever, your partners need ways of reaching their prospects and clients that go beyond word of mouth, face-to-face events and repeat business. Join Heather K. Margolis of Channel Maven and Spark […]

Automate Your Channel or Give Up Market Share: The Path to Channel Reinvention


With more than 70% of revenue generated in the high-tech industry attributed to channel sales, how you manage channel performance could mean the difference between thriving and failing. To gain a competitive edge, leading organizations are transforming their channels through automation.   Bringing automation to every part of the channel management process is the key […]

Conversational ABM: Personalization Power At Scale

Adopting an account-based approach is no overnight shift. Not only does it require sales and marketing alignment from the start, but you also need to have a killer execution strategy and the proper technology to support it to achieve successful account engagement. As such, many companies today are investing in innovative solutions, including Account-Based Marketing […]

How To Keep Improving Your Customer Experience In A More Private Digital Marketing Landscape

As if marketers haven’t experienced enough change over the last 16 months, policies regarding privacy in today’s digital world have continued to evolve. For instance, Google announced the elimination of cookies in 2022, and Apple announced significant changes to privacy settings within their mail application. It’s impossible to consume news today without hearing something about […]

How To Transform Your 2022 Revenue Pipeline With The Calendar First™ Approach

It’s time to leave the traditional playbook of lengthy “lead chasing” in 2021! If you’re not shifting to provide a better buying and selling experience, you’re leaving money on the table. With the Calendar First™ 1 click-accept approach, you can transform your 2022 revenue pipeline by sending tailored and timely calendar invites to qualified leads […]

Four Strategies To Listen To & Act On Buyer Signals


Marketers have strived to become more data driven. But often, they’re focusing on data that merely implies interest, rather than doubling down on actual signals from their customers and prospects. First-party data is a critical component to understanding audiences and creating more impactful personalized experiences. Join this session hosted by ON24’s Cheri Keith to learn: […]

You Have 90 Days To Reset Your Entire GTM Plan — What Do You Do?

Our post-pandemic reality created a digital-only marketplace that caught B2B marketers off guard. Today, marketers are being asked to build hard core, data-driven revenue machines… in 90-days. And it must span the entire customer lifecycle. Are you *@#% serious? Most of us have barely mastered the nuances of digital marketing, real-time analytics and ABM. Don’t […]

How Are B2B Marketers Really Measuring ABM? Get Your Missing Blueprint

For impact-oriented marketers, measuring the effectiveness of ABM motions is, well… hard. Fortunately, by working with over 500 B2B companies, we confirmed ABM measurement is hard but not impossible with the right focus and tooling. So, what are their secrets? Join Allison Dyer, Strategic Principal Account Manager at RollWorks, as she reveals how her B2B […]