Stop The Insanity — Deliver Better Buyer Experiences Or Else

The days of a linear buying journey and traditional marketing-to-sales hand-offs are a thing of the past as organizations rely on integrated plays between marketing, SDRs and sales reps to better engage buyers throughout their entire journey. When an organization can paint a complete picture of an account, such as knowing who engaged with marketing […]

3 Steps To Smarter Multichannel Campaigns

It’s time to stop random acts of marketing campaigns. Conflicting and irrelevant messages across channels are the bane of successful marketing campaigns. This is a real problem in B2B and the only way we can get better is by getting smarter. This session will walk through a campaign formula used by Demandbase with proven results: […]

5 Ways To Drive Growth With An Account-Based Experience GTM Strategy

The blending of ABM, revenue team alignment and customer experience (CX) has created a new model called Account-Based Experience (ABX). This go-to-market (GTM) strategy brings together data and insights to develop relevant and authentic marketing and sales plays throughout the B2B lifecycle. Are you ready to take on ABX in 2022? During this session, Tracy […]

Rethinking Optimization: 3 Quick Cross-Channel Tweaks to Level-Up Your ABM Now

We’re all looking for that one, silver-bullet tweak that can take our ABM from zero to sixty in twenty seconds. Don’t worry; there are a few of them out there (and we won’t skimp on them during this session). These small optimizations won’t truly make a difference if you don’t first optimize who you’re reaching, […]

The Expansion Sale: 4 Must-Win Conversations To Keep & Grow Your Customers

Time and again, analysts outline how much cheaper it is to keep and grow an existing customer than acquire a new one, especially in more challenging economic environments. Yet, marketing and sales teams still over-invest in demand generation from net-new prospects, with limited focus on the easiest source of growth – your current customers. Pair […]

Getting Precise: How To Leverage Buyer Insights & Intelligence

Feeling up, down and spun around? If you’re a marketer, you know better than most how fast the world of B2B continues to shift. But while many of today’s top marketers are still struggling to connect with post-pandemic buyers, a lucky few have discovered the right approach for these changing times. Join us to hear […]

Punch Up Your ABM Efforts With Video

There’s no denying that the digital landscape is crowded. To make an impact, you need to deliver your message directly to the accounts most likely to convert, and with content that is sure to stand out from the noisy crowd. Video has proven to be a key content format to engage audiences in a world […]

Hosting Virtual Lunches To Delight Leads In A Digital World

Is your mouth watering for new ways to attract and engage leads in the digital world? Join us as we look back at a recent fireside chat with Priscilla Genether of GrubHub and Dr. Andrew Hagner of Hill’s Pet Nutrition to learn how Hill’s Pet Nutrition used a Grubhub Corporate Account to connect with prospects […]

The Power Of Meal-Based Marketing In The Digital Era

In the age of social distancing and travel restrictions, the idea of pitching a prospect over a meal seems relatively obsolete. However, the remote work era created unique opportunity to host virtual lunches to win new business and delight potential and current clients alike. Join Serge Voronov, Enterprise Sales Executive at Grubhub, and Klaudia Tirico […]