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2019 Strategy & Planning Series

Online Event November 4-8, 2019 REGISTER FOR SERIES Register for the full series with one click! Instantly Register What worked in 2019: Demand Plan Inspiration for 2020 The Strategy & Planning Series (#SPS19) is a week-long, digital event created just for B2B marketing and sales professionals. #SPS19 features 16 sessions packed with the fresh ideas […]

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis in an ABM World

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

In a myriad of data insights, marketing touch points and measurement TLA’s (three letter acronyms), it’s hard not to suffer from analysis paralysis. Attribution has become both a buzzword and a pain point for marketing and sales teams alike, as they try to scale their business in an ABM world. As the new year approaches, […]

Accelerating The Buyer Journey With Bingeable Experiences

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

More than ever, marketing departments are struggling to generate demand for the business. From first touch to lead nurturing to closing the deal, every touchpoint must be combined with a personalized experience that makes it easy for prospects to binge content. Join Randy and discover first-hand how to create content experiences that fuel your demand […]

Capture & Close: How To Master Your Data Acquisition Strategy

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Picture this: 75% of B2B professionals say their database strategy needs improvement. That said, it’s no surprise companies are looking for solutions to point their campaigns in the right direction. But unfortunately, thanks to incomplete data, they miss targeting their goals by a long shot. So, how can companies start capturing engagement — and improve […]

How Millennial Buyers Will Impact Your 2020 Marketing Plan

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

The millennial generation is becoming a strong force in B2B buying, which means go-to-market strategies must change to meet and exceed their expectations when they’re making a purchase decision. In fact, new research shows that close to half (44%) of B2B millennial buyers are the primary decision-maker within their company.  During this online event, Kellie […]

How To Integrate Personal Touches At Every Step Of The Buyer’s Journey

Strategy & Planning Series Online Event

Video has grown into a preferred content format within the B2B marketplace. Research from Demand Gen Report shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of buyers are willing to spend five minutes or more consuming video content, while also stating they find video content valuable in the early (51%) and mid-stages (45%) of their buying journey. […]